JUNE 19, 10:10 PM


Leve. Elske

A film by

Mette Aakerholm Gardell

presented by

Mantaray Film and Frameline Film*

* earlier called Gründer Films

In the autumn of 2014, the Rainbow opens in Stockholm; the first retirement home for lesbians and homosexual men. The generation growing up after World War 2,  when Nazism branded homosexuals with pink triangles and sent them to concentration camps. They have been outlawed and  disgraced. As they move into a new home, into a community, new spaces open up to them.

Living.Loving is all about the road Agneta, Ingbritt and Thomas travel in order to start living and loving themselves. Their way home. An inner journey. How they, through scenes from their past, confront the troubles they faced in another time – with family, surroundings, and, not least, society. They are now able to start living and loving themselves, for the first time in their lives.