Bente Olav

Producer and owner Frameline Film AS 2019  (ongoing)
Producer and partner in Gründer Film AS 2013 – 2019
Frameline Film AS 2000 – 2013

Bente Olav has produced more than 40 documentary films world wide for cinema and Tv, ranging from human nature and politics to history, culture and the arts, supported by The Norwegian Film Institute, The Arts Council of Norway, The freedom of Speech Foundation of Norway ( Fritt Ord) and co-financed by NRK, SVT, YLE, DR-TV with TVrights sold to numerous International  broadcasters. Bente Olav has a major in Film and a minor in drama from University of Miami, USA

Latest productions


Director: ​Mette Aakerholm Gardell

Producers:​ Co-production between Mantaray Film AB, Stina Gardell and Gründer Film AS, Bente Olav as co-producer

Plot: ​​A documentary film about the Rainbow, Europe’s firts home for elderly ​​​homosexuals that opened in Stockholm in 2014.. About a generation of homosexuals ​​that finally has found a home after a life in debasement and discrimination. 

Status:​​ Feature length version 85’ min festival and Cinema Realease January 2018

58’ min TV Version releases:

Financing:​ SFI, Innovation kultur, SVT, NRK, YLE, The Norewgian Film Institute, Nordic Film- and Tv Fund​

Trailer:​ ​


THE CROSSING (2014/2016)

Director: ​George Kurian

Producer:​ Bente Olav

Plot: ​​A documentary on Syrian boat refugees escape across the Mediterranian and their new ​​life in Europe 

Status:​ ​Première October 27th on The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation ( NRK1) Sold to Tv sales​SVT (Sweden), DR (Denmark), YLE (Finland), RUV (Island), SRF (Switzerland ​​German), Ikon (Holland), RTS (Switzerland french), SRC (Canada, french), VRT ​​(Belgia), ORF ​(Austria), Eesti Rahvusringhääling (Estland), TVN Poland, Lithuanian ​​Radio and Television (Litauen), NEP – NHK Enterprises (Japan), Televisió de ​​​Catalunya, S.A. (Spain),

Financing:​ NRK, freedom of Speech Foundation (Fritt Ord,) Arts Council of Norway

Festivals: ​


​​The Dream and The Curse (2017/2020)

​​(previous working title The Filmdubber in Dar es Salaam)

Director: ​Ole Bernt Frøshaug

Manuscript:​ Bjørn Erik Hanssen

Producer:​ Bente Olav

Co-producer:​ Christian Falch – UpNorth Film, Trondheim, Norway.

Plot: ​​A feature length documentary film for Cinema and TV about a Tanzanian family where the ​profession of the deseased king of filmdubbers Lufufu is inherited by his son Felix. He ​​is fighting for survival against a destructive curse to keep alive his fathers traditonal ​​heritage at the same time as the hard competition in the business by the new ​​​genrations of filmdubbers demands a new approach. A film about the obligation of ​​family heritage, survial, storytelling and changing times seen with a different ​​​outlook.

Status:​​ In development/production

Financing:​ The Norwegian Film Institute – development, Midtnorsk regional Film ​​​​Center  manuscript development, Filminvest 3 development​​

TBC: ​The Arts Council of Norway.The Norwegian Film Instiute – production, Midtnorsk ​​regional Film Center – production, Filminvest 3 production investment, broadcasters

Distribution: ​Azam TV Tanzania and East Africa (LOC)

IN YOUR BLOOD, UP THE WALL / I ditt blod, på veggen (2017/2019)

Director:​ Gerry Meaudre

Manuscript:​ Gerry Meaudre

Producer:​ Bente Olav

Status:​​ In development/production

Financing: ​NRK, The Arts Council of Norway – Cultural Heritage TBC; The Norwegian ​​​Film Institute, The Arts Council of Norway – Fond for lyd og bilde, Fritt ​​​Ord.


When Castro seized the Hilton

53 minutes international documentary

Co-financed by: NRK, Fakta Ekstern YLE Teema/Ritva Leino

With Financial Support of: The Norwegian Film Institute NFI, Nordic Film -and TV Fund, Freedom of Speech Foundation Norway, TheAudiovisual Fund, Norway.Realeased NRK1 April 2009

War Hero Out of Step

58 minutes documentary

Co-financed by: NRK, Yle Finland/ Financed by Norwegian Film Fund NFI, The freedom of speech Foundation Norway,

Released: NRK1 June 2007. 

The 4th Wife 

52 minutes documentary

Co-financed by: NRK, YLE, TV2 Denmark Tv Rights: VRT Belgia, VPRO Netherlands,.and Estonian Television.  

Festivals: The Norwegian Short- and Documentary Film Festival in  Grimstad, Cracow international Documentary Film Festival.  

Financed by: Norwegian Film Fund, The  Audiovisual Fund of Norway.

Released: 2005 

Plot: A colourful portrait of a black and white marriage between a German business woman and an African polygamist. The culture clash between Europe and Africa has seldom – or never, been portrayed this ruthlessly close before.

The Smile in The Eye

80 minutes feature documentary with nationwide cinema distribution.

Producer script-writer:

Released: 2002/2003

Co-financed by: NRK,Yle Finland/DR-Tv. TV Rights VRT Belgium.

Financed by: Norwegian Film Fund

Cinema distribution: Sandrew Metronome.

Festivals: The Norwegian Filmfestival Haugesund, and numerous festivals in Europe and USA.